Last Child in the Woods

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv is a fascinating read and an urgent one at that. This book is the main reason I have decided to get into this line of work.  If you get a chance, check out the video above.  One of our biggest threats to the future is a complete disconnect from nature. The news continues to depict a doomed world and its an image that is constantly painted in our minds.  We need to change that image to one of positivity and beauty, for what we see in our minds is what we tend to make happen.

One interesting tidbit I love about this talk, is his tip on getting kids in the woods and involved in nature.  A family that goes camping or into nature alone, will have children that long for their devices.  However, a family that encourages other families to connect with them while camping or in nature will have children that are able to act naturally in the environment.  They will completely forget about connection to technology and focus on the social connections being made.

How do you engage your children in the outdoors? Do you camp? If so do you camp solo as a family or do you connect with other families?


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