Rugged Adventure

Adventure is tough to define.  Depending on the person, it can take on several different meanings.  To a little kid, adventure might be as simple as a walk in the back yard, while to an adult, it might be hiking the Grand Teton Mountains.  However you define it, it is important that we seek adventure whenever possible.

Routine, while important, can put us into a comfort zone and a lull that can be hard to break.  Adventure allows us to step out of our comfort zone, head on with adversity, and allows us to grow.  It is up to you what you make of your adventure, all I ask is that you truly embrace the adventure.  Step away from the cell phone, enjoy the moment, maybe snap a picture or two, but then dive right back into the face of it all.

Adventure to me is my lifeblood.  It takes on several forms, but mostly it is embraced through fishing and hunting.  I have many memories of hunting and fishing growing up and can truly attribute who I am today to those fond memories.  Adventure connected me to so many people and it helped to create a common ground for conversation and still does to this day.  I hope to share more of those adventures with you as time goes on.  I hope that you will find them entertaining and enlightening and most of all, I hope that they will open you to a new world to explore with others, especially your children if you have them.

Want to join me on my adventure?  Join me on my adventures through Facebook and Instagram! Through each of these means, you can not only join me on my adventures, but find out who I am following and getting my inspiration from and also find some cool giveaways in the near future.

What types of adventure do you seek? What is one of your bucket list adventures? Who do you enjoy adventure with?


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