Refresh and Reset

Things have been a bit crazy lately, I've been working out like a mad man trying to lose some weight.  I was getting between 3 and 5 miles a day running in and then throwing in some p90x. Usually the p90x consisted of either Core Synergistics, Plyo X, Cardio X, or Kenpo. Things were going really well, I was feeling the energy come back into form and then life hit.  We were having some trees cut down and a couple of the trees fell on our fence. I was prepared to cut up and remove the trees myself, because this is what was agreed upon to help keep the costs down, but I was not prepared to have to fix the fence along with it.  No big deal though, I saw it as a fun challenge and an opportunity to get the boys involved.  While working on the fence though, I didn't realize one of my boys had grabbed a board with a large nail in it and placed it behind me.  When I turned around, it took several seconds to realize what had happened.  The nail didn't go the entire way through my foot, but just about. All of this happened after I had already sprained my ankle earlier in the day.  The pain was manageable though and we kept on pushing through.  When it was all said and done, we accomplished what we set out to do.  

I was determined to not let the incident impede my workouts but the pain grew, especially the next day. I wanted so badly not to get off track with my workouts, but I thought long and hard about it and realized that a reset isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Resetting and hitting the refresh button has a lot of benefits in many aspects of life.  It's ok to take a step back, reflect, and then push forward again once you are ready. Here are some major benefits I found throughout the process.


Hitting the reset button provided some real clarity for me. It gave me time and prospective to figure out if what I was doing with my workouts was effective or if I was doing to much.  I took the next week to focus on some strength stuff while my foot healed and I am just about ready to start running again. Stepping away gives you that chance to evaluate what is going on and to plan your next course of action.  Make sure when you are hitting that reset button that you focus your efforts on this evaluation piece, it can be really crucial. 

Progress is not Lost

One of my biggest fears hitting the reset button and allowing myself to refresh was that all my progress I had made would be gone.  What I found out was that I actually grew from the experience.  Not only did my weight loss progress, I think it was helped by the change of events.  It gave my body and mind time to heal. This can be the same in every aspect of life.  Whether there is a deadline at work, or a big test coming up, sometimes stepping away for a bit can feel like lost progress, but then a big idea comes to mind or your brain has time to process what you just learned. It's ok to allow yourself the space just don't stay away too long.  

It Will Eat You Up Inside

Hitting the reset button isn't easy.  Our brains our wired to keep moving forward.  It will trick you into thinking you've taken enough time off, but don't let it.  I took almost a week off from exercising, but my brain was adamant that I was doing the wrong thing.  As long as you remain in control of the reset, it is ok to fight your instincts.  After the week, I slowly got back in to doing push ups again every day and moving my body little by little.  I am ready for more now and that is a good thing.  I used the time I could have been exercising to rest my body and my mind.  Have a purpose for your reset and you'll remain on the right track. 

Is there some place in your life that could use a reset? Do you find yourself going to hard sometimes and just need a break?  What are your hesitations? How can I help?

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend! 


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